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We establish a close working relationship with our customers to deliver the relevant and actionable information when it comes to climate change.┬áThe goal is to connect specific challenges, concerns and use cases with relevant climate scientists, worldwide – leveraging the latest research and climate models to personalize projected impacts for a company’s specific footprint, supply chains and investment strategies in a warmer, more volatile climate.

wind farm with a purple and orange sunset

Renewable Energy Generator

Clearway Energy, a large generator of wind and solar energy, was interested in identifying how the changing climate might impact operations at existing generating assets in order to plan for future expansion. With Climatrends assistance, Clearway identified three geographical areas of interest that were representative of the general concentration of potential interest for expansion opportunities. Climatrends provided a detailed analysis for each of these locations that identified the range of potential outcomes, using three climate change emissions trajectories, on weather parameters that would impact the client’s operations such as temperatures, precipitation, wind, solar radiation, dust, storm frequency/intensity, and more. Clearway used this information as input for their risk assessment and strategic planning process.

wind farm with a purple and orange sunset

Electric Provider

The importance of climate change mitigation and adaptation is becoming top of mind for the electrical power industry. Climatrends was approached by a leading Fortune 500 electric power company to conduct an extensive climate scenario analysis. A total of five regions were selected for the analysis relevant to the client’s current operations. The analysis studied three greenhouse gas emissions scenarios through the mid-century on a variety of weather parameters. Our research was able to identify impacts to market demand, consumer electrification, the stress of utility thermal generation assets, maintenance costs, customer restoration time, and more.


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Private Equity Firm

Climatrends was engaged by a large private equity firm to evaluate how changes in future winter weather would impact an investment that was being considered. Significant changes in winter patterns were identified for key regions such as eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States that directly impacted market demand through 2050. The analysis reviewed changes to winter storm frequency, winter storm intensity, icing, and temperatures in the winter season.


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