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Our Mission

ClimaTrends conducts future climate scenario assessments, analyzing risks and opportunities for organizations and communities around the world.

Climate Change is Here

As climate consultants, we know the climate is changing, faster than any time in the geological record, according to scientists. CO2 levels are higher than they’ve been in at least 3 million years, and rising steadily. Change the climate and the symptoms will surface in weather patterns over time. We’ve gone from climate theory to reality. Weather events that would have occurred naturally are often super-sized or “juiced”, with ever more disruption, displacement and cost to homeowners and business. 


When you need to prove that extreme weather triggered damage, turn to our team of forensic meteorologists. From cutting edge databases to effective storytelling, our experts connect the dots and get consistent results.



We create a platform for organizations better understand future climate risks for their business and assess, modify and implement strategies for adaptation and resilience. We facilitate the process of clarifying and communicating climate related risks and opportunities.



Led by climate activist and veteran meteorologist Paul Douglas, ClimaTrends is connecting the dots, analyzing the link between a rapidly changing climate – and weather volatility. Our team of meteorologists work with some of the world’s leading climate scientists to analyze the impact of a warmer, wetter climate on specific business operations.


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