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Our Purpose

Climatrends conducts climate scenario analyses, analyzing climate risks and opportunities for organizations and communities around the world.

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Climate Change is Here

As climate consultants, we know the climate is changing faster than any time in the geological record, according to scientists. CO2 levels are higher than they’ve been in at least 3 million years, and rising steadily. It is critical that companies understand the implications of a changing climate on their business, as well as the associated changing policies, to build a climate strategy that promotes long-term resiliency and success in an uncertain climate future. Climatrends uses the hard science to inform organizations of the physical and transitional risks of climate change through the development of climate scenarios.   


Scenario analysis is an essential tool for understanding the implications of climate change on business. Conducting a climate scenario analysis is a critical step to TCFD reporting. With deep expertise in climate, weather and corporate sustainability, Climatrends helps build a comprehensive climate scenario analysis uniquely tailored to your business.


While there are plenty of uncertainties when it comes to how climate change will alter the planet, we know this: the complex environmental impact will significantly impact business, communities, and the ecosystem. We are constantly arming ourselves with the latest research, connecting with world renowned scientists, to explore the implications of a changing climate.



Led by veteran meteorologist, Paul Douglas, and corporate sustainability expert, Josh Prigge, Climatrends is connecting the dots, analyzing the link between a rapidly changing climate, weather volatility and corporate resiliency. Our team of meteorologists work with some of the world’s leading climate scientists to analyze the impact of a warmer, wetter climate on specific business operations.


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